Listen to two friends speaking at the bus stop and answer the questions below.

  1. Why is the girl angry?

2. Has the girl eaten?

3. Why did the boy go to Robert?



Boy: Hello, sorry I am late.

Girl: Do you know what time it is?

Boy: Yes, I know. I’ve said I am sorry.

Girl: But I’ve been waiting almost 2 hours. I rang your parents and they said you left ages ago. Where’ve you been?

Boy: Nowhere, the bus was late.

Girl: Look, I’ve been standing here at the bus stop all the time and there’ve been plenty of buses go past.

Boy: Look, I’ve said I am sorry, anyway we’d better hurry...

Girl: We’ve missed the beginning of the film. I don’t want to go to the film any more. And we were going for a meal before the film...

Boy: Well, let’s go and have a meal now.

Girl: No, thanks. You’ve spoilt the evening. And what’s that you are carrying? Boy: Cassettes, music cassettes, they are Robert’s. He let me borrow them for the weekend.

Girl: So that’s why you were late. You went to Robert’s home, didn’t you? Boy: Um, um, well I knew you wanted to listen to them so I went to get them as a surprise, it just took much longer than I thought it would.

Girl: Honestly, you could have collected them after the cinema.

Boy: Well, it seemed a good idea at that time — but the way it’s turned out has meant no meal, no film, no surprise!