Варианты ответов учащихся для устного собеседования

Family relationships

1.I think a happy family consists of two parents, two or three children and a pet. Of course, both parents should work to provide enough money for the needs of the family. I’m sure, it’s also very important to have accommodation, where you can feel independent and safe.

Members of happy families love and respect each other. Parents are honest with their children, they don’t shout at them, never beat or hurt them. Children learn how to get on with other people. They trust their parents, share their secrets and problems, ask parents for advice and rely on them. They don’t run away from home, because they feel happy.

Parents and children always share household chores. They try to spend their free time together.

Happy families often have their own traditions which are passed over from generation to generation.


  1. Yes, I do. I’m absolutely sure that it’s necessary to share housework. It’s impossible for one person to do all the jobs alone. If you share the duties among all the members of the family you can do them more quickly and easily. Then you’ll have more time left for hobbies and fun together.


  1. Have you got any brothers or sisters?

   Where does your family live: in a house or in a flat?

   Do both your parents work?

   How do you celebrate your birthdays?

   Do you often argue with your parents?


4. You should be patient and tolerant with your parents.

   You ought to trust your family.

   You’d better apologize to your parents.

   Do something about the house, help mother in the kitchen.

   Tell parents that you love them.

   If I were you I would call them and say sorry.


5. I think both big and small families have advantages and disadvantages


Friendship and friends


  1. I don’t think a real friend is a person with whom you only play, study or spend your free time. As the proverb says, a friend in need is a friend indeed. In my opinion a real friend is a person who is dear to you whom you trust and respect. You can share your secrets and problems with him, ask him for advice and rely on him in everything. A good friend never lets you down.

A best friend stops you from getting lonely. He is always there for you, in bad and good times.

As for me, I’m a happy person as I have a true and reliable friend whom I can name my best friend. Her/his name is… we have known each other for 2 years.


2. Yes, I agree with this. If you want to have friends you should be friendly and loyal yourself. Sociable and outgoing people make friends easily. If you are ready to share and to give something to others you won’t be lonely or unhappy.


  1. What’s your name?

Where do you live?

Have you got any siblings?

What’s your hobby?

What music do you like?

What do your parents do for a living?

What’s your favourite subject?

Have you got a pet?


  1. If you know that it’s your fault, that you have done something wrong you should apologize.

If I were you I would talk to him/her and try to understand what the matter is.

It’s better to sort out your problem together.

Try to be merciful, kind to your friend, forgive him/her mistakes.


  1. No, I don’t. I’m sure the time you spend with your friend is never wasted. Of course if you hang around talking on the phone or computer with your friend for hours it can make your parents angry. But if you have common interests, go out together, discuss different things it will do good for both of you.

As for me I can’t often see my friend because we are both working hard to enter universities. Therefore we always try to plan beforehand what we are going to do together at our free time. I’m sure the time I spend with my friend makes me happier.

Houses and Homes


1.There are different types of houses: a detached house, a semidetached house, a terraсed house, a block of flats. A detached house includes a cottage, a bungalow, a mansion. All of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

As for me I live in a block of flats. It’s a nine-storeyed building made of blocks. The location of the house is very convenient. It’s quite far from the road so it’s not noisy. There are several shops, a school, a kindergarten, a petrol station in the area. It’s very handy.

We live in a three-room flat on the ground floor. The flat has all modern conveniences: electricity, gas, cold and hot running water, central heating, radio, telephone and the Net. There is a living-room, two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, a lavatory, a hall and a balcony in our flat.


2. I can’t say that I fully agree with this. Of course living in a country house has its advantages. There is fresh air, less pollution and noise. You have a lot of privacy, a nice garden, a garage and enough space for everything and everyone. On the other hand you need a car to get to work, to do shopping. There are not any places to go out.

I think you feel a bit isolated in the country. To tell the truth it’s not for me.


3. Do you live in a house or in a flat?

   Do you rent or own it?

   Is the rent expensive?

   How many rooms have you got?

   What modern conveniences have you got?

   How often do you do repairs, renovations?

   Have you got a balcony?

   Have you got your own room?


4. Find a good estate agency.

   Check up the prices on the Net.

   You should look through the adverts in the newspapers.

You should be careful before you sign any papers.

   You’d better see the flat/house before you buy it.

   Investigate the area you’re going to move in, how convenient it is for you and your family.


5. Yes, it’s absolutely true.

My room is the place where I feel safe and relaxed. It’s small but it’s nice and comfortable. There isn’t much furniture in my room, just the things I really need. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a desk with a computer. There are some shelves on the walls where I keep different stuff like books, perfume, jewellery, soft toys. There are some posters and photos on the wall.

My room is very dear to my heart. I usually go there when I want to be on my own. I can shut the door and tell everyone in my household not to bother me. I think my room is a great place to chill out after school.



Environmental problems


1.There are many environmental issues, which are important today and they are all interdependent. The most dramatic of them is climate change. There are different types of pollution: air pollution, water pollution, soil pollution and even noise pollution.

Cars and factories pollute the air we use. They burn fuels like coal, oil and wood and produce carbon dioxide. These gases rise into atmosphere . The sun’s heat can’t escape through these gases. As a result our planet is becoming warmer. Moreover, the toxic gases mix with rain and snow and cause ‘acid rain’ which kills trees, animals and plants.

Many ships in the ocean lose some of the oil or put their waste into the ocean water. It kills fish and other sea animals and plants.

There’s also a problem of resource depletion.

Today people are worried about the threat of nuclear power.

Chernobyl disaster of 1986 badly affected Belarus. About 18% of the soil in the country is unfit for farming, and many districts are dangerous to live in. A great damage was done to the republic’s agriculture, forests, water and people’s health.


2a. Yes, I fully agree with this. Deforestation, especially destruction of tropical forests, affects the balance of nature. It kills the animals, changes the climate and ecosystem in the world.

More and more animals and plants are becoming extinct.

2b. Yes, I fully agree with this. Air pollution is very dangerous for people’s health.

Cars and factories pollute the air we use. The polluted air can cause different diseases such as asthma, lungs cancer, allergy.


3. When was your organization founded?

What is the aim of your organization?

What activities and events do you organize?

How do you raise money for your charity?

What is the symbol of your organization ?

Have you got a website?

How can I join your organization?


4. You should bear in mind four Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle and respect.

You should reduce consumption of natural resources.

You’d better put your gum in the bin.

Try to use separate containers to collect your waste.

Turn off the light when you leave the room.

You’d better use rainwater for watering the plants in the garden.


5a On the one hand nuclear power stations produce cheaper energy. It helps develop our economy , makes our country richer and people’s life better.

On the other hand nuclear power can be dangerous for people’s life. We are still suffering from the consequences of Chernobyl disaster. It will take long time to get rid of radioactive contamination.


5b. On the one hand experiments on animals are necessary to do research in medicine. It helps to find new treatment for diseases, to save people’s life.

On the other hand it’s inhuman and unfair to kill our lesser brothers. Perhaps in the future scientists will use clones of animals to conduct experiments.



Education, school


1.Children in Belarus start school at the age of 6 or 7. They study 4 years at primary school and then they move to secondary school. Bright pupils take exams and go to gymnasium. After the 9th grade schoolchildren take exams and can stay at the same school for two more years to complete the secondary education or they go to colleges or lytheums.

After the eleventh grade schoolchildren take school-leaving exams. They have to sit centralized testing to study at university.

Most schools in Belarus are comprehensive, non-selective and free.

A school year lasts from the first of September to the end of May. It is divided into four terms and vacations. Each lesson lasts 45 minutes


2a. I can’t say that I fully agree with this. In my opinion a comfortable school uniform is a good idea. It can save parents’ money and your time in the morning when you think what to wear for school. On the other hand I’m sure that practical casual clothes can’t do any harm to pupils’ studies.

2b.Yes, I fully agree with this. At school we learn to do a lot of practical things. We learn to read, to count, to write. We get such practical skills as working on the computer, writing essays, doing experiments, speaking a foreign language. Moreover we learn how to make friends, to work in a team, to be responsible.


3. When do children start school in your country?

When do they finish school?

How long is your school year?

What vacations do you have?

How long do the lessons last?

Do you wear a school uniform?

How many foreign languages do you learn?

What is your favourite subject?

Have you got any clubs in your school?


4. You should do homework regularly.

You mustn’t skip the lessons.

You should be attentive and active at the lessons.

You should keep your notes and exercise-books in order.

You’d better plan your working days.

Ask for help if you have problems.

It’s good for you to have a healthy diet and to spend some time outside.

Use cards, stickers to remember important words or dates.

Don’t panic if you don’t understand something.

Set goals and try to achieve them.


5. Yes, I fully agree with this. Our school offers different out-of-class activities: such as school trips, excursions, parties, concerts, school subjects weeks and Olympiads.

There is a number of school clubs and societies to meet the interests of each pupil. They offer opportunities to develop different talents and skills. As for me I’m a member of Web design club. Here we learn to make web pages with text, graphics, video, music. We learn to make photo albums using Photoshop and Power Point presentation. There are also sports clubs, Brain teaser club, music and dances clubs.

Science and technology


  1. I think the first discovery was the fire and the first invention was the wheel. During the 19-20th centuries man made a lot of discoveries and inventions such as: electricity, railways, the light bulb, the telephone, the photography, the car, the airplane, the radio, the television. The latest inventions are the laser, the computer, the mobile, the Net. Computers have given way to laptops and palmtops. Televisions have changed into LCD's and Plasma. Mobiles have changed into smartphones. To my mind, the most important achievements are electricity and the Net.
  2. I can’t fully agree with this. On the one hand cloning is a great step to immortality. It’s helpful for medicine. On the other hand cloning is unnatural. I think everyone is unique and everyone should be different.
  3.    What does it look like?

Is it like a computer?

What functions does it have?

It is expensive?

Does it have the Net?

Who invented this gadget?

  1. If you have enough money you’d better buy a smartphone.

   You should ask some questions to the consultant (shop-assistant), such as:

           What functions does it have?

           How many sim-cards has it got?

           How long can it work without recharging?

           Where was it made?

  1. That’s right. I think the Net has become vital part of our everyday life. We can do shopping, read magazines, pay bills, get educations online, chat with friends sitting at home. On the other hand the computer badly effects our health. It makes us boring, sheltered people. We don’t go out, don’t meet with our friends. Sometimes teenagers become addicted to the Net and they live in virtual world. As for me I try to use the Net sensibly.


  1. On the on hand high-tech devices make our life more comfortable and easier. They save our time. We can’t imagine our life without things such as: washing machine, computers, air plane, smartphones, the Net.

On the other hand all these devices make people lazy, they prefer to stay at home rather than go out, meet their friends, visit different places and communicate.



Great Britain


1.The official name of the country is the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It consists of 4 countries: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The country is situated on the British Isles. It’s separated from Europe by the English Channel.
The capital of the country is London, other large cities are Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Manchester and Liverpool. The longest rivers are the Severn and Thames. The highest mountains are Snowdon and Ben Nevis. The population of the country is about 60 million people.
The head of the state is Queen Elizabeth the Second. The head of the government is Prime Minister David Cameron. The national language is English. The name of the British Flag is the Union Jack.

4. - If you are interested in the history of the country you should visit the City. It’s the oldest part of London.
   - If you are fond of sports you should visit Wimbledon Village. It’s famous for Tennis Championships.
   - If you like sightseeing you should visit the City of London. Here you can see St. Paul’s Cathedral,     Trafalgar Square and the Tower of London.
   - If you are crazy about shopping or festivals you should go to West London. There are 300 shops in Oxford street and you can watch the famous Notting Hill Carnival.
   - If you like theatres and clubs you should go to Soho, because it’s famous for its theatre shows, gay scene, pubs, clubs, bars and restaurants.
   - If you are interested in the life of immigrants you should visit East London. But you should be careful because this place can be dangerous for tourists.